Sunday, October 16, 2011

Papa Poetry Doctor

Bachelor #2: Papa Poetry Doctor

Alright, here's story #2 from my online dating adventures. It's markedly less comical than date #1, but it's still a story worth telling.

Background: He's a fifth generation Texan with a drawl, a truck, a deep voice, a 3-year-old daughter, and a 7ish month sentence left on his PhD in British Literature. He specializes in the poetry of Lord Byron. I find that incredibly hot.

God, I'm lame.

Anyway, Doc and I started talking online on Sunday, and within an hour or so we exchanged numbers. He texted me pictures of the leaves on the ground in his backyard because I was complaining about Austin's lack of Fall. It was pretty cute. We texted through his whole shift at work, and then on and off throughout the day on Monday as well. He asked for a date, we figured out what worked, and set it up.

Then we stopped texting. I thought that was weird, no? Maybe it's me.

We met for coffee Wednesday morning. This time, I was the late one. Though, I was in contact with him the whole time, because I was lost. He wasn't awkwardly looking at the lake wondering if his date would ever show. Nay nay, his date was texting him, asking for a building description. His date was blonde. It happens.

Anyway, we chat, he explained engines to me, we talked about teaching, he actually looked like his pictures, he never once asked to suck my blood... all-in-all, the date part went very well!

He walked me to my car (is this a Texas thing?) and asked if I'd be interested in a second date, perhaps somewhere a little fancier. I said yes, and ran home to catch the bus. Within 20 minutes he texted me saying how much he liked me. Success? Could be.

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