Sunday, October 2, 2011

Everything's bigger in Texas

I can't believe it's been 11 weeks since I last posted. 11 weeks! So much has changed. First off, I'm in Austin now. I have a great apartment that my mom and I set up in approximately 24 hours. We're insane.

School is going well. It's very different- the entire vibe is much more positive- and, compared to my NJ-Wisconsin transition, this is smooth sailin'! The professors are relatively clear in their expectations, and as for teaching, I get detailed lesson plans. I'm also taking a music theory pedagogy class, so I'm finally learning about the different fundamentals and harmony texts, while also getting some practice teaching in. I'm currently procrastinating instead of doing my work for that very class...

My procrastination options were blogging or watching the vampire diaries with some Ritter Sport. Obviously I chose blogging.

Healthy day.

Oh Elena, quit feigning shock. It's unbecoming.
Everything is becoming for Damon.
Never fear! I'll probably watch it tonight, once my project's done. It'll help me not do my assignment for Tuesday.

*Ahem.* In other news, I've been reading quite a bit because I take the bus to and from school. I must say, the bus ride allows for a pleasant break! So far I've read Julia's ChocolatesPictures of YouBarefoot: A Novel, and am currently knee-deep in The Owl & Moon Cafe. I highly recommend "Pictures of You"- it was really fantastic. "Julia's Chocolates" was a pleasantly long read with a happy ending. I'm a sucker for a happy ending, even if it does seem like everything is a bit *too* perfect. "Barefoot" was just okay, but I wonder if I would've enjoyed it more as a Summer read. It left a lot unresolved in the end, which may've been the author's attempt to avoid the path of "Julia's Chocolates," but for me it made the whole thing rather unsatisfying. "The Owl & Moon Cafe" is good so far! I'll update you in 11 weeks with my feelings once it's over. (P.S.- Kindle users! You can now get library books on your Kindle... for free! Google that ish. It's worth knowing! I'm getting a library card ASAP.)

Another shift of subject: Fall always makes me homesick. Between having a Fall birthday and missing the East coast colors, it seems like each Fall makes me more nostalgic than the last. At least in Wisconsin the leaves changed! Here it's still 90 degrees every day. Ridiculous! I do like it, though. It does feel like Summer, which is weird, but the low humidity makes the high temperatures bearable. I actually get cold sometimes. 

I'm getting weak.


Fall in Jersey

Fall in Texas.
I just miss the colors!

Since it is a bit cooler, I've started running again. Taking 6 weeks off wasn't the brightest thing I've ever done, but I'm determined to get back into it! I'm starting off with just three runs a week, bright 'n' early on M/W/F mornings. Hopefully I'll stick to it this time, since I do so enjoy my Ritter Sport. 

I've been a cooking fiend this weekend! I keep thinking if I make enough Fall recipes, perhaps Austin will get the hint and decide to cool off. Maybe it IS taking the hint, and that's why the highs have fallen from 104 to 94...

Anywho, yesterday I made Jenna's Curried Butternut and Red Lentil Soup. My grocery store didn't have red lentils, so I used regular ones. I also left out the cayenne and cilantro because... gross. Now, I'm not a big squash person ever... I actually pretty much hate it. But! I thought perhaps with the curry and the lentils, it'd be okay. And you know what? It was. This is a delicious soup. Next time I'll do a bit more curry and a bit less ginger, but otherwise... this is a fantastic soup. It's absolutely hideous, though perhaps that's because I couldn't find red lentils. For real, it's maybe the ugliest thing I've ever made. It basically looks like vomit.

I also made her Carrot Ginger soup, because nothing says Fall like warm orange things. Especially when one of the warm orange things looks like this:

Ahh... pumpkin spice...
But that's neither here nor there. The soup is good. Not great. It's a bit too ginger-y for me. I couldn't eat a big bowl of it, but it's nice on the side or something. Perhaps a healthy dinner would consist of a big salad, a small bowl of this soup, and then 4 servings of Ritter Sport. Well-rounded! Think of the colors.

And thirdly (I know, right?) I made Pumpkin Chili. It sounds weird, but believe you me, this stole the show this weekend. I altered the recipe a bit- I used turkey instead of beef, almost doubled the amount of pumpkin, used two packets of splenda instead of sugar, and I added extra chili powder and a healthy dose of cumin and pepper. Here's the deal: before I added the cumin and pepper, I found the chili to be a bit bland. I highly, highly recommend the cumin. It could be that I just have a *thing* for cumin, (which is completely true, I might marry it) but once I added that it warmed the chili right up and it tasted like home in a bowl. NJ. In a bowl.

I'm sure that sounds appetizing. 

Go make some chili.

Oh, and:

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  1. That's so awesome you live in Austin now! I have a friend who just moved there and I've heard awesome things about the city! As much as I love fall, come winter I will be super jealous of you!! When I lived in San Diego it was great...I got to wear my fall clothes during the winter :)