Sunday, July 17, 2011

Gone to the dogs

What a delinquent blogger I am! I've done some exciting things lately, including a trip to the House on the Rock this morning, however I think in this post I'd like to just cover some of my Summer friends.

This is Bella. That is her sweet potato fry. She's not the jolliest of characters, but since we have a mutual hatred of physical activity, she and I usually get along fine. Usually.

This Gatsby. Dare I call her my favorite of the bunch?! She just might be. She cuddles and hugs, she hardly ever barks, and she has a thing for chasing birds, leaves, and anything else that might dare to cross our path. She's the sweetest girl. But, you know what makes Gatsby unhappy?

Dresden. Dresden makes Gatsby unhappy. Dresden is Gatsby's new sister, and she likes to chase Gatsby and bite her ears and tail. How does Gatsby respond, you ask? Does she bark and snap at Dresden, does she put her in her puppy place? Oh, no. Instead, Gatsby cries like a baby and it breaks my heart. Then I have to rescue her.

This is Bernie. He's incredibly sweet and never complains. He requires 1,000 pets per visit, and he loves everyone. Bernie and I usually find exciting things on our walks, like historic buildings or random beautiful wilderness scenes, such as these:

And that leaves Zama, another forerunner for favorite:
 Look at that face! He's so happy just to be playing fetch. Fetch is really one of the best games- he gets to run, I get to stand in place. It's a win-win! Adorable.

I'll post again soon with more of the goings-on here in Madtown. Soon. 

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