Saturday, June 4, 2011

I have a lot to say,

...just ask anyone who's ever received one of my 3,000+ word emails. Whenever I try to update people on my life, I inevitably end up including small side stories and comments on anything from something that happened to me in the 2nd grade, through what I'm planning to have for dinner. I love to tell stories.

I'm no chef, nor do I have any desire to blog about my culinary adventures, however I've recently gotten into reading food blogs. Every time I read one, it makes me think about how I should keep a journal. Well, saying and doing are two entirely different things, so I thought perhaps I could use this as a sort of journal space; a place for me to store my favorite memories and stories.

I'm at an interesting point in my life: I'm through the awkward post-undergraduate transition period, but I'm still in school. I've successfully moved halfway across the country. *Alone.* I'm planning another move in August to start working on my PhD. Alone, again. I'm a Jersey native, and that seems to bleed into many aspects of my personality. I can be rather straightforward and blunt, despite my shy nature. I am rather preoccupied with my hair, and it can, occasionally, be considered "big." I also yell a lot when I'm driving, and I'm completely convinced that East Coaster's are the only people who know how to drive.

I really love dogs, though my current living situation (and perhaps my budget as well) doesn't allow for me to have one of my own. So! Instead, I have a part time job as a dog walker. I usually walk four or so dogs a day, give or take. I almost always love it- even in the rain, snow, or sweltering heat. I'm like the postal worker of dog walking.

I'm primarily a student, so my educational adventures will probably be the main focus of my musings, but I'll inevitably end up including lots of other things. After all, school isn't my entire life. Or at least that's what I like to tell myself.

Before I sign off, here's a list of just a few things I'm going to miss most about Madison:

1. The terrace
2. Spring!

3. Friends
4. Fall

5. And of course, snow.

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