Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Feelin' hot-hot-hot

It's very warm out right now. I can tell because I have all of my windows open and it's FINALLY hot in my apartment. We've had several days in the 80's and 90's, but somehow my apartment has defied these temperatures and remained a comfortable 72 or so. That is, until this morning. The heat caught up to me, and it's forcing me to turn on the air conditioning. I'm okay with that. I wonder if I could just carry the A/C unit with me on today's walks! Perhaps not. 96 is going to feel very warm. Zama will probably do this:

Anywho. I've had an excellent couple of days! Friday afternoon I had tea with April and Amanda at Macha on Monroe St., and they gave us free (amazing) mango cupcakes (delicious). Then after dinner we went to the terrace for Jazz fest, where we also saw Adam and Sonya. During the day on Friday it was in the 90's-very uncomfortable-but that made for a wonderful evening temperature. I've never seen so many people on the terrace! It was a jam-packed jamfest:

Vs. a packed festive jam: 

The sunset was beautiful over the lake:

Saturday was also very hot. I spent several hours at the farmer's market with my dog walking boss Amanda (different than the aforementioned Amanda) handing out postcards to drum up some new business. There may have been ice cream cones and kettle corn involved. The heat affected my judgement!

Sunday I went to church and then we had a picnic on the capital lawn. It was right around 85 outside, but the humidity was low, and it was really perfect for a picnic. I stayed late in order to get some reading done in CHoWMT (AKA The Cambridge History of Western Music Theory), since I'm approx 2 weeks behind in my 12 week reading plan. GAH! Stupid car accident.

Yesterday was also very hot. I think we got up to around 95. Naturally, I spent the majority of the day outside. I didn't have any dogs yesterday, so I thought I'd walk to my German class to get some exercise. It's only a little over a mile! Pshaw. What I neglected to factor into my walk decision was the extreme humidity AND the climb up Bascom hill. WOAH. I was very hot. I broke up the walk home with a stop off at the Humanities building to get April. Then we had lunch outside with Jam before walking back to my house. April and I then spent a lovely couple of hours at Olbrich Gardens. I can't believe I went this long without going there! Next tolerable day (I'm thinking low 80's. Noble mission.) I'm going there to read. It's so gorgeous!

In other news, I'm stressing a bit about moving to Austin. Yesterday I was juggling phone calls from movers and emails from my realtor, but it looks like I've finally found a place! I'm just waiting for an email from some woman. I'm actually a little irritated that I haven't heard from her yet. Woman! Email me! Sheesh.

Okay, time to get ready for my day. My very, very warm day. I think I'll walk to class again, even though today's supposed to be warmer than yesterday. I'm a glutton for punishment.

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