Thursday, June 9, 2011

Das ist nicht gut.

Why did I think I could learn to read German in 6 weeks? Oh, no problem, I'm getting a PhD. Clearly all other academic endeavors are a piece of cake.


Anyway. German is Mon/Tues/Wed, so I'm very excited to have this morning off from meine Deutsche Gedanken. I will say, I'm pretty impressed with how much material I've absorbed thus far, though I feel a bit behind the other students when it comes to the cases. Dative, nominative, accusative... I should really figure out what those are. But not today. No German today. (kein Deutscher heute?!)

Actually, the teacher told us to take some time away from the language, just because the last few days have been so intense. She mentioned all of the physical side effects one can experience from such aggressive learning, such as: pulled muscles, strained ligaments, and lower back pain. She then exclaimed "WHAT! This is not a baseball game!" and she was right. German is not a baseball game. Deutsch ist nicht ein Baseball-spiel.

Perhaps I should have spent more time learning German when I was actually IN Germany. Instead, I did this:

I'm looking forward to a moderately relaxing day today. I only have two walks, starting at 11, and then I'm free for the rest of the day. I'm hoping to go to a coffee shop to get some reading done in CHoWMT (AKA the Cambridge History of Western Music Theory), but we'll see how that goes. Depends on my motivation.

In other news, I've officially found an apartment in Austin! Now I'm just trying to juggle the moving companies to see who can get me my stuff in the timeliest fashion. We'll see! I really want the stuff to arrive while Mom is still visiting Austin, just so she can help me get settled. She's better at that stuff than I am. Settling, I mean.

I have a new goal! I want to watch all 7 Harry Potter films before the new one comes out on July 15th. I started the first one last night, and hopefully (if I'm productive...) I'll finish it this evening.

Look at my dream breakfast! I even blurred the edges, so it'd be extra dreamy. If I could figure out how to make a whole tone scale sound at just this moment wherever you are, I'd do it.

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