Friday, June 24, 2011

Bahnanana do-doo-be-do-do

Here's the deal. I spend way too much time poking around online. Whether it's researching the best way to treat shin splints (and then going with my friends' advice anyway), looking up sauerkraut recipes to feed a recent craving, or finding the answer to age old questions (what is the difference between the UK,  GB, and England? cough), I can easily blow several hours without doing anything productive. It's a gift.

Today, when I was using my gift for 15 minutes or so leading up to my jog (you read correctly, I jog. I'm Sporty Spice), I stumbled across the following: Banana Soft Serve. If you're anything like me, you've tried and fallen in love with the Madison's the Chocolate Shoppe. If you're freakishly like me, your favorite flavor is an ambrosial blend called "Fat Elvis." It's banana ice cream with a peanut butter ripple and chocolate chunks.

What, that doesn't sound like real life to you? Oh, let-me-tell-you. Every time I taste this ice cream it leads to some sort of out of body experience. Ridiculous. It should've been on my "What I'll miss most about Madison" post. It probably deserves its own post. Maybe I'll make a separate blog about this ice cream.

Aaaaaaaaanyway. When I stumbled upon the blog linked above, I just had to try the recipe. Supposedly it tastes like ice cream- banana ice cream, of course- but still! Ice cream! For the calories of a banana! So I violently ripped up two bananas and threw them in the freezer so that they'd have the 3 (okay, maybe I was impatient and it was more like 2 1/2...) hours to get nice 'n' icey.

When the moment of truth arrived, I realized I couldn't fit two bananas in my (joke? too easy) tiny little food blender, so I did two batches. I added vanilla to the first batch, like the pregnant video woman (uhh...Roni?) suggests. DELICIOUS. I was feeling adventurous with the second, so I added a tablespoon of Jiff super chunky peanut butter. Well, that was maybe the best decision I've ever made. Actually, deciding to try this method was perhaps the best decision ever. Bananas? Good. Ice cream? Good. Peanut butter? Good. Vanilla? Good. Next time, maybe I'll do peanut butter AND chocolate syrup! Or chocolate chips, or blueberries, or cherries, or strawberries, or cookie dough...

I will say, I wouldn't call the resulting concoction just like ice cream. I like to be able to taste the fat in my ice cream, and this certainly didn't taste fattening. It tasted like frozen banana. BUT! As those chocolate covered bananas one sees down the shore (even easier...) have shown us, frozen bananas are delicious. I'm definitely making this again. If I had another frozen banana in the freezer, I'd make another right now! But that'd be my 4th banana today and really, that's probably excessive. When I froze two bananas earlier, it was entirely with the intention of re-freezing one "batch" for another night. The fact that this was basically impossible speaks to the deliciousness of this frozen treat. Make it. Now.


  1. P.S. how ARE those shin splits??

  2. They're still there, but I think they're getting better? I'm not sure. Icing them is definitely helping, and both you and my friend Andy brought up the dixie cup thing, so next time I go to the grocery store I'll pick up some of those to use.

  3. banana soft serve changed my life. no joke. add some frozen strawberries or nutella if you're feeling real sassy!!