Monday, June 20, 2011


Phew. This has been one exciting evening!

Well, first let's go over what's been going on lately. Amanda (my dog walking boss) is going away later this week, so I'm covering tons of dogs for her. Today I met Barkley, Tempie, and Henry. Tomorrow I'll meet some more. I'm doing somewhere around 8 walks each on Wednesday and Thursday, and expect to be walking from 11am to 6:15pm each day. It's going to be a busy week! Also, I didn't go to German this morning (gasp!), and instead stayed home to work on German by myself. And you know what? I really learn a lot more on my own than I do in class. I covered the materials for tomorrow and half of Wednesday in one morning! So we'll see. If I slack off in the slightest bit, it's back to class I go. Until then, I'm going to see how I do just spending each morning with German.

As for my life since last Wednesday... hm. On Friday afternoon I had a lovely time hiking and chatting with Amanda (my non-dog walking boss). We went up to Devil's Lake, which is a little over an hour away from Madison, and we did one trail up the side of the "mountain" on the East side of the lake:

and then walked down another trail which was a little flatter:

We really had a great time, despite the heat. After that we just lounged on some towels by the water, and both dozed off a bit.

Then, Friday night I met Jamie at the terrace for some beer. I had a fantastic time getting to know her better, though I perhaps had one too many beers :)

Saturday morning, Amanda (non-dog) and I took a delightful stroll around the Farmer's market, and then we had breakfast on the Monona terrace. It was surprisingly empty, and it was super nice outside. The perfect temperature to sit in the Sun and enjoy the lake breeze. I can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday morning than with a delicious scone, a dear friend, and a beautiful view.

Saturday night was Garreth's birthday party, and that was really fun as well. It was out on the East side of town, and there were classy snacks and lots of new people to meet. Garreth sang and played guitar a bit:

and then he, Richard, and Rachel performed some Elvis Costello covers. (Am I the only one who doesn't really know who Elvis Costello is??) It went pretty late into the evening, but I didn't mind at all since I was really having a great time! Garreth and Lauren also mentioned making a sort of "Austin scavenger hunt" for me to complete once I move, since they used to live there. It should help me get to know the town a bit. Even though they won't be there, it's definitely comforting to know people who at least are familiar with the area.

Sunday I wasn't feeling too hot- probably from eating so much food that I wasn't used to eating. I suppose it was worth it, but it made me pretty mellow. I got a lot of German done! And I went for a jog with Caitlin later in the evening, so the day wasn't a total waste. Oh, and of course I skyped with the fam for Father's Day.

So that brings us to today. A very important day, indeed! It's Gavin Schultz's birthday!!!

Here's the story: At around 6:45, my friend Jam called me to ask if he and Kim (his wife) could stop by to "ask me a question." Obviously I found it a bit odd that they couldn't ask me over the phone, but I went with it and said "of course." Around 20 minutes later they arrived, and told me some big news. No, no, not the Gavin news. They're having a baby, too! Geez louise! Babies everywhere. I was VERY excited to hear this (I feel like I've been waiting for them to have a baby for ages) and may've let out several celebratory squeals. After we calmed down and I got a few question out of my system (she's 13 weeks, they're going to choose not to find out the sex before the birth, they don't know if there's more than one baby yet, most of the morning sickness has passed, etc.), they mentioned that they called Duncan to tell him and that Duncan sounded a little off. Turns out, Duncan was at the hospital because Allison had given birth earlier! Seriously? Seriously. Babies everywhere. Jam was calling Duncan to ask if they could stop by to tell them their news, and ends up finding out that Duncan and Allison literally had a baby today. On this day! Gavin's birthday. Jam and Kim were headed to the hospital to see them, and I decided to tag along. Allison and Duncan were tired, but pretty normal given the situation! I would have been a mess. We got to see little Gavin in the NICU (he arrived around 3 weeks early) and he's ADORABLE. He made these cute squeaky purr sounds in his sleep, and he seems to be working on mastering the art of thumb sucking. We spent some time watching him, then went out to get Duncan and Allison some dinner.

While babies are the farthest thing from my mind lately, it's incredibly exciting to have friends who're at that point in their lives. I couldn't be happier for Duncan and Allison or for Jam and Kim. Whether planned or not, their entire world is about to change, and I can't wait to have that experience someday. I hope to have friends like them around to help me celebrate.

And to bring me a McFlurry.

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